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Clear and effective communication with the financial markets is key in ensuring a full understanding of your company, optimising investor and analyst perception and driving valuation. Done well, this can be a differentiator and can add real value. Given increased demands on company time as well as more reliance by the markets on company communication following the implementation of Mifid II, the role of investor relations and company communication is more important than ever.

Clear Giraffe IR can help you optimise how you interact with the markets by providing independent specialist investor relations and financial market communications advice. We leverage extensive experience from both working directly in IR and sell side equity research. Our service tailored to your company needs will allow you to ensure a strong understanding and positive perception in the market. Working together to create more impact and allowing you to focus on your business.

Why use Clear Giraffe IR?

Independent Advice

Unbiased and objective insight on all advisory areas including targeting and market feedback, allowing you to optimise your message.


Direct experience developing an IR strategy and improving company perception, coupled with an awareness of internal corporate demands. This combined with a clear understanding of key factors which drive investor and analyst thinking delivers real added value.

Relationships and Network

Strong network of existing relationships with both investors and analysts to leverage and maximise your communication and company perception.


We are excited and passionate about making a real difference to your communication with the market and providing a truly customised service.

What We Do

Clear Giraffe can deliver:

Clear Giraffe Strategy and Planning

Strategy and Planning

Helping you develop the right IR program

  • Assessment of IR long and short term objectives
  • IR strategy development
  • Determining IR program and calendar
  • Benchmarking IR vs sector peers
  • Insight on peer performance and sector themes
  • Strategic project analysis
Clear Giraffe Communications


Providing clear, consistent and compelling messaging

  • Development of investment case
  • Key messaging in financial results and releases
  • Drafting and review of releases, scripts, presentations and Q & A
  • Input for Annual and Sustainability Reports
  • Co-ordination and preparation for capital markets events
  • Planning and execution of corporate roadshows
  • Crisis management support and assistance
  • IR website review and evaluation
Clear Giraffe Market Understanding

Market Understanding

Ensuring a full understanding of company perception and opportunities

  • Perception studies and analysis (buy and sell side)
  • Feedback pre and post financial results and events
  • Market reports with colour on performance and market insights for board level distribution
  • Targeting analysis and strategy
  • Consensus collection and analyst model review
  • Peer shareholding comparison
Clear Giraffe Training and Resources

Training and IR Resourcing

Leveraging corporate and market experience to add value

  • IR consultancy
  • Additional experienced 'spare pair of hands' when needed
  • Bespoke training for senior management, communications and IR staff
  • Pre listing IR preparation


Clear Giraffe

Sonya Ghobrial, Founder

Sonya is the former Head of Investor Relations at Heineken. During her tenure she was externally recognised for improving the external perception of the company and received a number of IR related awards.
These included European Institutional Investor top IR professional in Beverages in 2018 and top AEX company for IR and top 3 IR professional with NevIR IR awards in 2017. Previously Sonya worked in investment banking for 15 years predominantly as a sell side analyst and also as an equity specialist sales. Her sector coverage spanned small, medium and large cap companies and pre IPO work. More specifically this included European beverages as well as leisure, luxury goods, transport, and food and general retail. Sonya and the teams she worked in were consistently highly ranked in the external surveys. Investment banks where she worked included Barclays, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse. She is also a fully qualified Chartered Accountant with ICAS, having qualified with KPMG. Sonya has a joint first class honours degree in Accountancy and Economics from the University of Glasgow.

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Greg Quine

Greg has worked in global capital markets for nearly 30 years, as a credit analyst and Investment Banker and at NatWest Markets, top 5 ranked Oil & Gas equity analyst at JPMorgan, Managing Director at FTI Consulting Inc and co-founder of Pendomer Communications LLP, which was subsequently acquired by TeneoHoldings. Advising Board of Directors, he helps PLC’s manage their strategic communications with the financial markets, acting as senior counsel for a number of leading FTSEurofirst 300 companies. Greg has advised on a number of large transactions including the flotation of Italy’s leading oil company, one of the largest acquisitions in the global brewing sector and various other significant deals. Separately, as Chair of Trustees, Greg led one of the UK’s leading schools through to academy status in the first wave, in 2012.

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Clear Giraffe


Optimising Your Investor Website

We recently published our latest IR update, entitled ‘Optimising Your Investor Website’ a topic which I believe will be increasingly important following Mifid II as investors begin to rely more on company communication and information to make informed investment decisions, driven by reduced access to broker research. Having looked at the FTSE 100 our article highlights some of the clever examples that can help make an investment case more compelling and company understanding and analysis easier. If you do want to discuss further or if we can help with this please do let us know.
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Mifid Proofing Your IR

The first of our regular updates on 'Mifid proofing your IR’ and running through a practical checklist was published in the IR Society magazine over the summer. Please find the full article attached which goes through some practical action points for IRs to help address some of the issues and added complications that come with Mifid II. The article followed extensive meetings with buy and sell side and as well as companies on experiences to date and learnings so far, and whilst being only 9 months in it is by no means inclusive of everything it hopefully provides some easy to do helpful action points. We are incredibly grateful for those who helped by providing input into this. If you do have any questions or would like to discuss further please do let us know.
Read the full article


IR Best Practice

Elite Connect interviews Sonya Ghobrial at the London Stock Exchange to discuss IR best practice.

Sonya addresses the implications of Mifid II and shares her experience following successful external survey results

Communicating IR Strategy

Filmed in New York while on an investor roadshow, Sonya provides some colour on the IR strategy at Heineken.

Euronext, Amsterdam

After winning a coveted IR award, Sonya was invited to sound the opening gong at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange.


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